Do I speak three languages or four???

When people ask me how many languages I speak, I say three (Japanese, English, and Spanish).

I sometimes want to say four counting my native Hiroshima dialect as one.

Here is a comparison of standard Japanese and Hiroshima dialect using the hand gesture chart that I filled up using Hiroshima dialect expressions long time ago.

Is the difference between Japanese and Hiroshima dialect bigger than, say, the difference between Spanish and Italian?

I would think so.

Rather seriously, when growing up in countryside of Japan, there were many kids who struggled reading aloud standard Japanese in class. Back then I thought it was just their struggles with reading Chinese characters, but today I wonder how much of that was a second language acquisition problem.

Just to translate three at the top from left to right:

1. Wait please
Hiroshima: Machinsai
Japanese: Matte kuda sai

2. Nothing to worry about
Hiroshima: Sewa~ naiwai
Japanese: ?

Japanese: 3. Is it all gone?
Hiroshiima: Mitetorukano?
Japanese: nakunatteru kana?


But these are extreme examples, so I want to type up some basic ones:

What are you doing (polite)?
Japanese: Nani wo sarete imaska?
Hiroshima: Nan sho chat te desuka?

I am studying English.
Japanese: Eigo wo benkyo shite imasu
Hiroshima: Eigo benkyo sho~ru

Please leave any comments you may have!

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