Hi this is Jeana. I'm the co-author of Eigonodo.  We are back in Japan, Kaz has a job, so I am taking over the sales, marketing and new teachings and material. Stay tuned! You will hear from me a lot!


Golden Week is a great time to enjoy yourself and get outside while flowers are blooming and it is not too hot outside yet. Also, if you have not bought this online course package yet, having many days off of work is a great opportunity to enjoy learning English as a hobbyist or to improve your skills. If you don't have many days off, please at least take an hour or two to enjoy spring and have fun!


By the way, I'm an artist by trade, and I created the banner on the top of this page because I've seen many carp flags for boys this month and also girls day last month, and many flowers are in full bloom, and the trees and grass are becoming very green and lush. I've also seen two rainbows since I moved back to Japan, after spring rainy days, when the sun comes back out. This is a recent picture I took of a rainbow that appeared in our neighborhood (See the bottom of this page).


Have a great Golden Week!

Golden Week
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