今朝、ジーナに間違っていると指摘を受けて、教えてもらった単語の発音です。LYRICを間違ってLER-RIKと発音していたが、実はL+EAR(耳)・RIK。音声で説明。 [audio:|titles=lyric_01_31_2013]  

How do you pronounce ‘score’?

How do you pronounce ‘score’? Ever since middle school I pronounced words ‘for ,’ ‘or,’ and ‘your’ correctly.  In Japan everyone else said foa, oa, or yua.  I simply imitated native speakers. How do you say toeic ‘score’?  It should be ‘scor,’ not scoa.’ R is the same as growling sound of a dog.  For […]