13 year old question why human beings alone don’t quit

This 13 year old girl wrote, why only human beings are taught not to run away from things, while other animals learn to run away.  This is a great point.  When I was a graduate student, my part time job included sitting at the receiptionist desk for a computer center on campus.  During downtime, I […]

英語喉で世界に発信 日本文化を説明しよう!

まずは人気投票にご協力を。Please vote! http://blog.with2.net/link.php?709532:1932 さて、皆さん、英語喉で世界に日本文化を発信しませんか?まずは私から。剣道、特に竹刀について語りました。 Here is my attempt to explain Kendo and Shinai (Banboo sward) in English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zr8EvMwdDik&feature=player_detailpage