Try this from Greeday's Official Youtube site:

Wake me up when September comes

See the answer in the comment area (just the first 60 seconds).  I want you to notice that in this there is absolutely no words that you don't learn in junior high or high school.  Try not to think about meaning, but just focus on bon bon bon type of rhythm (and, of course, listen to nodo voice).  Good luck!


重いファイル (11M)

軽いファイル (2M)


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One thought on “YOUTUBEで聞き取り100%を目指す

  1. NipponDream says:
    (Kaz comment: I was not 100% sure with ** parts.)

    Come here
    I notice our life is short

    Let’s say, I wake up one day (後で聞いたらIがなかった、、私自身の録音には入れてしまいました)

    *On that day*

    all *of* your dreams

    and everything you wished for

    and you wanted to … gone just like that

    you know (この微妙な「ユーノー」ですが、口発音以前だったら、聞こえていなかった可能性あり。脳が雑音として処理していたかも。)

    People ..
    people get old and you know things change and and situations change

    and what I want is … I just

    I want this moment right now this day and my feelings for you

    the way you look right now

    the way I look at you

    I just want this to last forever, you know

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