練習例1 ヒロさんがやっていたように、YOUTUBEで動画を選び、それに合わせて言ってみる。

練習例2 YOUTUBEで動画を選び、聞き取ったものを書く。



How’s also something like this?

Homework 1: If you have time, would you like to try this (at least the first 30 seconds?)?

Please look at the comment area for an answer.


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4 thoughts on “YOUTUBEで聞き取り100%を目指す”

  1. The first 30 seconds of

    Hi, what’s up? This is Aaron from and this is how to play “Far away” by Nickelback.

    All right, so the first two things about this song is to tune to drop D, okay? so go ahead and do that.

    If you needed to do that you can do that by tuning the top string and the third string down together.

    Okay? So they are an octave apart, low D and high D.

    Okay, the second part about this tuning is that once you(‘ve) gotten to drop D all the strings are tuning down half a step.

  2. I tried the following one minute. There are some parts that I couldn’t catch and maybe.So I just put the ** marks as you did.

    But *seen how* You probably didn’t do that yet. And You didn’t probably have your guitar tuned to a half step down. Im not dong it either. Ok So we can just learn this and the standard and if you actually play this song *far away* later with the band or with some buddies and then you can go tune your guitar a half set down. So, lets just learn it, the standard first. And if you needed to tune down later the half step, that’s fine you can do some.

    Alright so. (we’ll) start out with a just basic cords *that these* playing cord progression to this song, pretty much through the entire song is C to a G to an A minor to an F. ok what we gonna do this at the beginning the picking part..(♪) with kinda power cords

    Alright.So this is an accousitc part of the song so we’re goona be focusing on the introduction of the picking part and the cord progression to the courus. The cord progression of the chorus is the same thing on the accousitc as it is…..

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