I found a good example of how voice quality can help communicate a message better.


The title of this article is:
Venus Williams' Vehicle Data Shows She Did 20 MPH in Intersection, Says Victims' Attorney

If you don't live in America, you may not know the meaning of 20 MPH (miles per hour). After all, not many people outside of America use miles.

Japanese people, for example, have to wonder if going from 0 to 20MPH in three seconds is a rapid acceleration of speed. We have to wonder if that was a case of reckless driving.

To communicate that, you can change the tone and the quality of voice. Because this statement is coming from the victim's attorney, I think they want to say Venus was being reckless at the time of accident. You should read this statement with serious tone of voice.

I have to say,though, 20MPH is not super fast.


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