3 thoughts on “昨日のレポート NITROさんに会いました

  1. Kenji_Y says:

    The other day, I had a chance to talk with a Japanese lady in a voice chat room of the Paltalk.com. I recommended that she read "Nodo-eigo" because she was amazed how I spoke in English. Several other participants of the chat room also asked me about where I was originally from. They did not believe that I was a Japanese for the first time. So, I spoke like a Japanese, "Ha/ro, ma/i ne/i/mu i/zu Kenji. Ai a/mu o/ri/gi/na/ri fu/ro/mu gya/pa/n!" Then, they believed that I was a Japanese. I did the same thing to a native speaker of English in another chat room, and he told me that when I spoke English like a Japanese, it was very hard for him to understand. This experience reassured me that the nodo method works very fine with me.

  2. NipponDream says:

    Kenji, this makes sense completely! Also it's funny that you have to speak in 2-beat to show that you are Japanese (honma mon no nihon jin). It reminded me of Ninja's secret identification codes (YAMA --> KAWA), LOL!

  3. NipponDream says:


    ダリル ホール アンド オーツ

    Daryl Hall and (John) Oates

    ジョンがいるの?忘れてた。ダリル ホール アンド オーツって知っている?とネイティブに聞いたら、なんやそれ?と言われる。

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