Opera singer voice

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I recorded this song last night and tried to sing like an opera singer.  I had to sing several lines, but I never got a sore throat afterwards and this I think is because I tried to resonate the bottom floor of the throat/neck.  I think I made a good progress in this area because last time I tried singing I had a sever sore throat and my coughs lasted for a week or so.



A couple days ago, though, during my skype class, I was trying to show the difference between mouth pronunciation and throat pronunciation using Rrrrr sound.  I did too much of mouth-based pronunciation, I think, and afterwards I felt a slight pain in my throat.  This tells me that mouth-based pronunciation causes too much tension around/in the vocal cords.

If you try to say Rrr in the mouth, you will be sounding like A~~~~.  You cannot get rid of the initial A sound.  Try to imitate how a dog growls.  That is R.


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