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How do you pronounce ‘score’?

How do you pronounce ‘score’?

Ever since middle school I pronounced words ‘for ,’ ‘or,’ and ‘your’ correctly.  In Japan everyone else said foa, oa, or yua.  I simply imitated native speakers.
How do you say toeic ‘score’?  It should be ‘scor,’ not scoa.’
R is the same as growling sound of a dog.  For example,’or’ simply is ‘o’ plus rrrrr.  If you say ‘oa,’ the word will have two syllables o and a and it is wrong.
Wrong pronunciation will also affect your listening ability.   For example, ‘or it is..’ is said as ‘or-rit-diz..’ in American English.  if you expect to hear ‘oa.’ you will not hear it correctly.

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