This 13 year old girl wrote, why only human beings are taught not to run away from things, while other animals learn to run away.  This is a great point.  When I was a graduate student, my part time job included sitting at the receiptionist desk for a computer center on campus.  During downtime, I read books of my own field (Sociology).  I wish I ran away from Socioloy a bit and had studied IT technology and programming that everyone else was doing in that department.  This is my example of how running away may have helped me with better skill development.  Any comments welcome.

My translation:

Running away
Mayu Morita (age 13) Miyagi-ken Natori-shi

Only humans are scolded if they run away.
Other anumals must instinctively run away for survival.
Why did humans arrive at such an odd answer, "we should not run away."



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