8 thoughts on “Hiro-san, NKJM-san, good job!

  1. NipponDream says:

    Hi Hiro, I listened to your reading of Stella.

    Try saying u_ for the ending of Stella (like ST-E-L/L_u_#) instead of using A. It makes it really sound native!

  2. NipponDream says:


    It is really cool you can do this. I am sooo proud of you!

    I think she said:
    Kicking the guy in the clutch all morning really takes it out of you.

    I am not sure either what clutch means (maybe tsue, the type of tsue you use when you cannot walk???). I think "takes it out of you" means sutoresu wo hassan suru?

    But you are right and this is THE point. Even though I was not exactly sure what she meant by the guy in the clutch, but I was able to follow the story line without any interruption. She is basically saying that she enjoyed the self-diffence class she took.

    Good job!

  3. hiro says:

    Thanks for the advice. I'll try the u_ sound. That's one of the mistakes I tend to make and don't realize unless someone points out. I'll keep that in mind.

    And somehow I thought it was "takes it alotta you", which is how I actually repeated. But after I checked that again, it turned out to be exactlly what you said. It's "takes it out of you"

    Because of the mistake, I was kinda wondering what that meant. But after all your explanation, it all seem quite natural.

    Thanks as always:)

  4. NipponDream says:

    Hi Hiro, someone (nodo practitioner... thanks!) emailed me and pointed out that it was actually "crotch." True, I listened to the skit again and it was "crotch."

    It now all makes sense. She went to a self-defence class and learned to kick a guy in between legs. So this is kind of funny because it sounds like a joke but it probably is what she did. So this is what she said:

    Kicking the guy in the crotch all morning really takes it out of you.

    And in Japanese, it should mean something like:
    Gozen chuu ippai okoto no kokan wo keru renshu surunomo tsukareru no yone~~~

    "groin" to iu kotoba mo tsukau sou desu. 

  5. NipponDream says:

    Hiro-san, I recorded my advice on u_ at the end of words.

    I also wanted to put this together with the file above, but for some reason I could not append. This is about my own errors that I make when I am nervous:

  6. Hiro says:

    I appriciate the all the advice on listening and the pronunciation.

  7. $ says:

    inch it also reestablish in your thoughts in regards to the time I ran into my better half.

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