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In Japanese we say "I became a mikka bozu (3-day monk)" when we quit something quickly even after having a strong determination at the start.  With the new exercise program, we are not yet mikka-bozes.

This DVD program is called Insanity Workout.  I want to get 8 pack ab (abs? ab?  I always get confused with this expression).  We started exercising 40 minutes everyday in front of a TV set.

During his insane routines, Shaun-T shouts out "Keep the core tight" and by that he means "keep the lower part of the abdomen tight." In the first few days I didn't exactly know what it meant. When I trained my legs in the program, my legs felt tight, but not the core. After about three days, I began to feel power and tightness in the middle of the lower abdomen (=core) and felt as if the core is moving my legs and my upper body. Every time I run or walk now I feel the source of power all in the lower abdomen.

This is similar to Eigonodo approach. The throat is the core of all sound production activities. Once you notice it, you will feel it all the time.  If you don't notice it, you will not fully appreciate the potential of the throat forever, perhaps.

Now I feel the power of core.  I will continue to train my core.


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