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さて、KAZYさんとMASAさんの英語ギーク対決の様子が、報告されています。 Kazy and Masa are English study geeks! Here is the evidence from their conversation on Masa Radio. You guys are awesome!



Next Eigonodo live will be held on October 30th, 2011 (Sunday, Japan time), from 8PM to 9PM. I will be hosting an Eigonodo basic seminar. Let me know if you want to participate either to learn or to help out.


This website now is a social network site, so we have a lot of members. Foreign guests have joined via Masa, Kazy, and Kenji@IL. Thanks, guys.

…which is why I am writing in English too.


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3 thoughts on “EIGONODO LIVE! 基本クリニック”

  1. Hello Kaz sa! I agree with the idea for members to write sometimes in English. Actually I’ve been trying to write entries on my blog often in English. It definitely helps us to get used to using English.

  2. Hey sup. I agree with you guys.But we also need to write in Japanese,cause there are a bunch of guys who want to learn Japanese.I guess it’s useful for them to see Japanese stuff. I also suggest you guys to use the Roman alphabet when you guys try to say something in Japanese. There are few Japanese learners who can understand Japanese includes ‘Kanji’ It might makes them to understand Japanese easily.

  3. 師匠、今日は私のつたない英語をご指導いただきまことにありがとうございます。すごく緊張いたしました(汗)大変感激いたしました。これからは「英語喉使徒」として英語喉を広めるべく精進して参ります!!
    I want to be a validation of eigo nodo method. Thanks a lot master Kaz=] I’m your padawan.May the force be with you.

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