英語力を向上させる英語喉SNS。Learn Japanese w/ Japanese learners of English!

このサイトでは英語をマスターするために、4つのことを皆さんと一緒に実践します。ぜひ、ご参加ください。On this site, you can practice Japanese by doing the following things together with Japanese learners of English.  Please register so you don't miss anything.

    • 英語喉50のメソッドの本+レッスンの全てを網羅したオリジナル動画で特訓(有料スカイプコースもよろしく)。Lerner of Japanese should practice choppy Japanese by doing the opposite of Eigonodo.
    • LANG8を使って英語を書く練習。Let’s use Lang-8 to practice writing Japanese.  Japanese members will be helping you refine your vocabulary and grammar.  It would be good if you can make comments on Japanese members’ essays! CLICK HERE.
    • 1ヶ月に1曲づつ歌を使って、発声の練習。Practice singing in Japanese, one song per month.  Join the group.
    • SKYPEをつかってネイティブと会話。Japanese members will be speaking with you in Japanese and English, so we can learn each other’s language.CLICK HERE.

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