One thought on “November 28”

  1. Hi, Kazu sennsei:
    11/28分も自信がありませんが自分なりにまとめてみます。定冠詞 or 不定冠詞 or無冠詞、名詞の単数形か複数形かの聞き取りが難しいです。
    1) the founder of small business
    2) Because we are direct lenders, there is no middle man.
    3) or call
    4) You are listening to “serious exam.”
    5) plagued by controversies
    6) asking for her removal
    7) state-law that requires
    8) orbits are under the microscope
    9) long time Trump advisor
    10) going forward
    11) psychic
    12) seems to have inside information
    13) he tweeted about

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