One thought on “November 08”

  1. Thank you always for providing excellent materials to improve my listening skill :)
    I’ll write down the expressions that I caught in today’s work.

    1. the door of the synagogue [synagogue: a building in which people of the Jewish religion worship and study]
    2. try to heal
    3. whether his words *will come back to haunt him(*自分にはare now going toに聞こえました)
    4. cohesive president of the United States.
    5. at the the moment of what should have *been (*doneに聞こえました)
    6. throughout this campaign
    7. embrace the sound and sprit of the season
    8. definitely not smart
    9. actively invited them to *apply (*最後はapplyな感じがしました。)
    10. hiring sites
    11. problem that affects your sleep

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