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  • 11/23: まとめ
    ①based on your taste ,嗜好
    ②Hi, I’m David Mugnier, founder of weather-tech.
    ③It is currently the tie for being the deadliest.
    ④camera still rolling
    ⑥It all takes me a little bit further
    ⑦people to know about~
    ⑧You will take years for any of the pine-trees.

  • 11/24 memo:
    1)that mother said if he will be something that
    2)sixty-seven Florida counties
    4)it’s not counted
    5)He did it by making sure that~
    6)It’s important for everybody to understand that ~
    7)in May will be that(???)
    8)may have a cost the Democrats thousand of votes
    9)That’s why the Republicans are so concerned right now.

  • Hi, Kazu sennsei: 11/25分纏めてみます。
    1) It’s a better way to stabilize your home or business.
    stabilize: [stéɪbəlὰɪz]
    2) for years income stores, check out
    3) farmer’s finger tips
    4) Las Vegas air traffic controller is no longer on~
    air traffic controller: 航空管制官
    5) Ok, that is terrifying.
    6) ① quickly took…[Read more]

  • Hi, Kazu sennsei: 11/26分纏めてみます。
    1) Are they full of positive and truthful contents?
    2) Thankfully, break through ~
    3) cure or preventive any disease
    4) says the White House in the statement
    5) attempt to monopolized the floor
    6) different styles
    7) as soon as later today or tomorrow
    8) Hey, you can not show up anymore, Acosta.
    9) He…[Read more]

  • Hi, Kazu sennsei : 11/27分まとめてみます。
    1) placing his hand on a young woman
    2) with respect
    3) Acosta was preventing them from orderly ~.
    4) Acosta is rude.
    5) determined whether press conference ~
    6) some other outlets next week
    7) all I want for Christmas
    8) device(s)
    9) your bucket list
    10) determine(s) whether you can attend the press…[Read more]

  • Hi, Kazu sennsei:
    11/28分も自信がありませんが自分なりにまとめてみます。定冠詞 or 不定冠詞 or無冠詞、名詞の単数形か複数形かの聞き取りが難しいです。
    1) the founder of small business
    2) Because we are direct lenders, there is no middle man.
    3) or call
    4) You are listening to “serious exam.”
    5) plagued by controversies
    6) asking for her removal
    7) state-law that requires
    8) orbits are under th…[Read more]

  • No-Bi commented on topic Group logo of Learn from CNNNovember 30 3 months ago

    Hi, Kazu sennsei: 自分なりにまとめてみましたが、誤りが色々あるかと思います。
    1) If the judge is granting the temporary restraining disorder,
    2) a small conservative cable channel
    3) get asked a lot of questions
    4) a new high-tech weapon
    5) .com
    6) I start learning Spanish.
    7) higher mortgage payment
    8) If rates go up,
    9) as a gift for her hus…[Read more]

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